Title Insurance Services

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance serves to protect the buyer of a piece of real estate from any defective title, lien or encumbrance that may be attached to that piece of property. Protection from loss as the result of these issues is assured via a title insurance policy. This will reimburse the policyholder if they are in a position to incur any loss as the result of the status on the title to a parcel of real property being any way other than how it was initially represented.


Whereas other forms of insurance are put in place to address any costly problems that may arise in the future, title insurance eliminates risks and prevents losses that may occur as the result of events that have happened in the past. To best serve our clients, we conduct an extensive search of public records to ensure they are protected in the event that some adverse claim may exist against the piece of property that they intend to purchase.

In our line of work, purchasing a piece of property without title insurance is considered unthinkable. As such, we are proud to provide a complete suite of title insurance solutions that will protect policyholders from any problems they may incur as the result of their title’s status.


Title Orders
We examine a title’s status and issue a title insurance commitment.

Title Searches
We retrieve documents evidencing events in the history of a piece of real estate in order to determine any relevant interests in and regulations concerning that property.

Our rates and fees for our services are available for review on our website, and we welcome your call any time at (218) 847-1297 should you like any of our services expounded upon.

Areas We Serve
We are proud to serve Becker, Otter Tail, Mahnomen, Wadena, Hubbard, and Polk counties, as well as clients throughout the surrounding north central Minnesota area.


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